get to know us

Hello! We are Norments.

We are Norments. A small design studio based in Copenhagen. Founded to design fragments for your home in a minimalist, nordic design. We love minimalism, simple colors & shapes with a touch of softness.

We care about sustainability which is why we seek that the majority of our products are made from recycled materials and produced preferably inside Europe. Either way we’ll always tell you what the product are made of and where it was born – kind of nice to always know the backstory, right?



 Currently we're shipping to:
- Denmark
- Sweden
- Germany
- Belgium
- The Netherlands
- France
- UK 

We'll be shipping your package within 2 days of receiving your order at the latest. Your package will arrive approx. 2-5 days later with your chosen carrier. 



Pssst… Actually we’re not that many. On a daily basis you’ll be talking to Caroline who’s in charge of almost everything, don’t be shy – she’s kind of awesome.

We aspire to inspire. Please share all your Norments moments with us using the hashtag #norments.